About Us

This blog is run by 2 guys (or should I say geeks/nerds?) who love everything pop-culture. One mainly focuses on photography and design as well as collectables and figures, while the other interviews people and seeks updates in the pop-culture world whether it be in real life or on the internet and posts it here…IN THIS BLOG…so that YOU don’t have to go searching for it yourself! Pretty neat, huh? Not to mention it’s down right simple for you! So, whether it be updates on the newest movies, comic books, anime, manga, video games, or through coverage on conventions, WE GOT IT. Welcome to your new one stop source for anything pop-culture!


Panda_Destroy is run by:
-v0n0s1n (Von Omo): Editor, Writer, Reviewer
-cgrapa (Clyde Grapa): Designer, Photographer, Graphics Artist, Reviewer

Visit Clyde’s art at http://cgrapa.deviantart.com/

Visit our OFFICIAL Tumblr page at http://pandadestroys.tumblr.com/
Visit our OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM page at http://instagram.com/panda_destroy

  1. Yay! First post. – Orangutan Destroy

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