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San Diego Comic-Con Gets Rid of 4 Day Passes for 2014!

By: Von Jared Omo


Huh…ain’t this a shocker? So, it seems that San Diego Comic-Con has decided to no longer sell 4 day badges and, instead, sell single day badges. Now, before you guys start going off and screaming off into the night and cursing everything that is unholy onto SDCC, let me tell you why this is a good thing…mostly.

By doing badge purchases this way, it helps prevent people from scalping their badges or even letting their friends go in their place on certain days without actually having to purchase a badge, which is cool with some, but appears to be unfair for most. Second, it increases the chance of more people actually having an opportunity to attend this phenomenal convention instead of the usual attendees who purchase their badge for the next year at the convention, while still attending the current one (this means YOU! YES! YOU! Your chances are actually increased to purchase a badge to attend ONE DAY OR MORE if you should choose to go!).

The only downside to this new registration is the ticket prices. According to Polygon, the prices for each day badge have gone up as follows:
Preview Night: $35
Thursday-Saturday: $45 (Original price – $42)
Sunday: $30 (Original price – $24).
Total price for all 4 days including preview night = $200.

When put into perspective, it’s downright outrageous. $200 for ALL 4.5 DAYS?! Who has that kind of money?! The $65 4 day badge doesn’t seem too steep now, does it? BUT, SDCC is doing it this way to make sure that the person who actually buys the badge and has their name on that badge is the actual attendee. What do you guys think? Are these badge prices worth it? You decide! As for me, I’m ok with ANY DAY. As long as I get to experience SDCC!