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Panda Review: Kuroko No Basket Season 3 Premiere

By: Von Jared Omo

Kuroko3I’m a fan of basketball. Wait. Let me re-phrase that. I’m a HUGE basketball fan. Hence, why Kuroko No Basket is getting much love today (Yes, I know the OG basketball anime SLAM DUNK is more of a fan favorite, but I’m enjoying Kuroko!). So, want to hear what I have to say about it’s Season 3 Premiere? OF COURSE, YOU DO!

Right off the bat, the episode begins with a quick flashback with the last basketball game between Seirin and Yosen High with the last scene depicting Kuroko blocking Atsushi Murasakibara (as seen above). The episode then transitions to what happens post-game with Seirin High being interviewed by interviewers who work for basketball magazine company.

Scene then switches to the Seirin Team walking down the hallway and Kuroko stops Taiga. As you may remember in last season, Kuroko was tasked by Taiga to throw away the ring and chain that symbolized the brotherhood between Taiga and Tatsuya Himuro, however, Kuroko gives Taiga the whole spiel about being able to be opponents and brothers at the same time which then causes Taiga to run like a chicken with its head cut off in search of Tatsuya.

The scene switches to outside the arena where Alex is talking to Tatsuya about losing the game to Taiga and Seirin. Just then, some douchebag by the name of Shogo Haizaki appears out of no where and begins to hit on Alex. Tatsuya, being the guy that he is, decides to step in and stop the nonsense and protect his former coach. Little does Tatsuya know that Shogo is a HUGE DOUCHEBAG and begins to initiate a street fight.

Kuroko3(1)Shogo (in red) giving a swift kick to Tatsuya.
Told you Shogo is a douche!

I’m not going to spoil the rest for you guys! So, if you want to know what happens during and after the fight scene, you’re going to have to watch it yourself! I’m excited to see how this season goes and if Seirin can take the Winter Cup!!

Panda Review: Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Premiere!

By: Von Jared Omo

WHOO! There’s nothing more stimulating than finding out that one of my favorite animes from last season just premiered their new season this year! And yes, I’m talking about Tokyo Ghoul Season 2! If you’re reading this and you haven’t watched the episode yet, I’ll try to be as spoiler free as possible and not ruin anything for you. But I’m going to tell you right now that it’s going to be damn, right HARD! Let’s do this!

TokyoGhoulS2The episode starts off where the last one ended, which Kaneki walking out of his torture room (after doing some damage on Jason) and slapping on his ever-so-creey Ghoul Mask. We see his descent into his infamous Ghoul identity, known as the Centipede. Right off the bat, you can tell this season is going to be dark and gloomy (more so than the last season) and up the ante a bit as well. And that’s pretty much all I can tell you about the good stuff I experienced (in my opinion) with the Season 2 Premiere without spoiling anything for you guys!

I did find, however, some things that bothered me and bummed me out a bit from watching this episode. First off, the OP theme (“Munō” (無能; Incompetence) by österreich) isn’t as catchy and didn’t portray the same energy the first OP Theme had (I miss the whole “O Shiete, O Shiete yo” part in the beginning). I am an avid anime music lover, and although I found this new OP Theme to be very somber and soft to the ears, the OP scene does go along with the song and after watching and listening to it a couple of times, I can only feel and believe that it is a foreshadowing of things to come and I do have my hopes up that things will pick up in the next 2 or 3 episodes.

Secondly, the fight scene I wanted to see SO BADLY was watered down. Yes, I’m talking about the fight between Kaneki and Touka’s brother, Ayato aka BLACK RABBIT. Let’s just say, I didn’t get to see Kaneki beat the sh*t out of Ayato and give him 103 broken bones.

I have high hopes for Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul (aka Tokyo Ghoul Root A). Will it follow the manga as closely as possible for the upcoming episodes? There’s only one way to find out and that’s only by watching the anime!

Panda Lyrics: “LET ME HEAR” By Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas (UPDATED as of 1/9/2015!)

By: Von Jared Omo

[UPDATE: I found the full version of the song along with the music video for it! I switched out the old video at the bottom for the NEW MUSIC VIDEO for “Let Me Hear” as well as the LYRICS! Enjoy!]

SO…I’ve been hooked on this anime called “kiseijuu” aka Parasyte and to tell you the truth, it’s pretty damn good. As of right now, they’re 10 episodes in, so be on the lookout for the review in the upcoming days! Not only am I addicted to the anime, the OP theme is pretty bad ass, if you ask me. It’s called “LET ME HEAR” by the band Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas (named after that one Johnny Depp movie).

The band has discovered a new genre of music called “DigiCore”, mixing two genres of music. And yep, you guessed it…digital and hardcore. And to be honest, it’s quite catchy. The vocals are auto-tuned ALL OVER and it’s hard to decipher what the hell he’s singing sometimes due to the lack of clarity in the way he pronounces his words. Oh, did I forget to mention that 80% of their lyrics is in English? Pretty dope, huh? Not only can I not clearly understand the clean vocals, but the screams are even harder to decrypt. Seriously, it’s harder than listening to a padlock and figuring out its combination.

All that aside, I wanted to see if anyone on the “internetz” had figured out the lyrics since the single is out in January 7 of 2015. Turns out, the lyrics I found are even worse than I thought. Some of it doesn’t even make sense, let alone, incomplete sentences. And yes, I know you’re thinking to yourself that it’s a Japanese band and that their English isn’t that good. Well, I did some research and listened to their older songs and it turns out…THE BAND CAN WRITE ENGLISH LYRICS THAT MAKE SENSE! So, I took it upon myself to listen to the song for 2.5 hours at variable speeds, such as slowing it down and at regular tempo, to see if the lyrics make sense. I’m not saying that the lyrics I deciphered myself to be the “end all, be all” lyrics, but for now…they will have to do as they make more sense than most of the lyrics out there for the song. Check out the video/song after the jump along with the lyrics posted below that I came up with myself. Enjoy!

PS: If you guys have any input or what you think the lyrics sound like to you, feel free to leave them in the comment section! Thanks! I want to see what lyrics you guys came up with, too!

You guys do not notice that we are gifted just by being humans
We are absolute predators we do not even have any enemies
Maybe there are other animals watching us and thinking that someday “we will beat them down”
Oh, we have the brains to think hard wear our favorite clothes
We are at no doubt human beings many small lives
(There were born) with the fate (with the fate) of dying for someone (for someone a human baby)
A human baby when will they find out (when will they find out the true fact yeah)
That at the point they were born, we are (we are winners) (the) winners of Earth

Aa hitori naiteita Tonari no kimi ga toikakeru Dakara bokura yorisoi ikiru Kirameku made
For what have i been living for? When will i find out the answer? An answer that is only for you what will myself and (the) first scenery i saw It’s my face, my face

Shut up! I read this inside the book i read before (the book i read before)
According (to) maslow (According (to) maslow) there are five steps (in a) human’s desire
To live in long long life to stay safe and to receive (baby) love from others
To get respect from (baby) others, to get closer (yeah) to your ideal (yeah)
That’s what it said (yeah) No matter how hard other animals try, they probably can’t go over the first step
That is how intelligent we are and, (an animal) filled with greed

But that is probably why we can still alive on the top of food chain in this blue planet
Although, we have weak bodies

Aa mata kimi no mehi Itsumo no asa ga utsuri komu Nagareru namida ga kiete yuku
For what to live for Think deeply as you live, yeah Cuz you humans are (the) only ones that can do this on Earth

Atarashi kotae o what is it that you want to get in your right hands? Let me hear Tell me your new answer Prove that you are different from monkies if that is nothing to crave for, Humans will die in a way Don’t you think so too? Let Me Hear, Let Me Hear,Let Me Hear

Panda Trailers: Fan Made AKIRA Trailer

By: Von Jared Omo

I’m a big fan of the anime AKIRA, so when I see a campaign by fans to make a faithful adaptation, I’ll check it out and promote it if I like it. And this fan-made trailer by the guys at CineGround seem to have hit the nail on the head so far! Check out the trailer below and see if you agree with me! It looks awesome!



By: Von Jared Omo


HERE WE GO! Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo is starting to show up on the big screens all across America, but only in certain theaters. SO…here’s the theater list! Below is a link that will direct you to a list of states and cities along with the names of theaters in those cities that are playing EVA 3.0. along with their showtimes and ticket prices. So, what are you waiting for!?!?! Click on the link below and score some tickets to see this awesome anime!

PLUS! Be on the lookout for our review of the OVA once we’re done watching it here in San Diego! There’s a showing tomorrow night and we’re going to see it! I suggest you all do the same!!!!

Click here to see the theater list! –>

Good luck and enjoy the show!

Teaser Trailer Released for INITIAL D: FINAL STAGE!

By: Von Jared Omo

Ahhh…this is going to be bittersweet. I do love the Initial D anime and I’d hate to see it come to an end. And like how it affected some of its viewers, it did impact the way I took care of my car and how I drove it. Who didn’t fantasize driving his or her car the way Takumi drives his AE86? Seriously?! Anyway, here’s the trailer! Enjoy. It’s set for a August 2014 release! Feel free to click on the link below the video to visit the website! BTW, would you like a little fun fact? The cars/animation in the trailer are HAND DRAWN. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It looks like Initial D is going out with a bang! I hope they hand draw all the racing animations!!!


Anime First Impression: SAMURAI FLAMENCO

By: Von Jared Omo

Samurai Flamenco Screenshot

Admit it, you’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a superhero. You’ve maybe even dreamed of flying through the sky or swinging high above the streets of New York in hopes of saving someone’s day or even some damsel in distress. But then you snap back to reality and realize you have no powers. So, what’s left to do? Well, you can take a page from SAMURAI FLAMENCO and uphold justice instead!

SAMURAI FLAMENCO revolves around 19 year old male model Masayoshi Hazama, who decides to follow his childhood dream of becoming a superhero, despite having no powers at all (hmm, this premise sounds familiar). When he’s not modeling and doing interviews for variety shows during the day, he dons his superhero costume and lets his alter ego Samurai Flamenco take over at night!

So, who or what does a superhero fight if there are no mutants or monsters? Apparently, those who jaywalk, smoke in non-smoking sections, teens who stay up past curfew, and people who steal umbrellas. Basically, anyone who attempts to break the law despite how menial the task may seem, however,  to Masayoshi Hazama, upholding the law  means everything. One night, after his failed attempt to uphold the law, Masayoshi meets Hidenori Goto, a 20-something policeman who doesn’t really have a strict regiment of enforcing justice, however, works hard at his job. Not only does he encounter Samurai Flamenco, but discovers his true identity and this is where the story picks up.

Samurai Flamenco Screenshot 2Masayoshi Hazama in his SAMURAI FLAMENCO suit

I wanted to write a first impression article when the 1st episode of this anime was released, but I wanted to wait and watch the 2nd episode to really give it a chance and see where it leads. Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed! Despite having a similar storyline to the already known comic book and movie KICK ASS here in the US, SAMURAI FLAMENCO is more lighthearted while mixing in humor and drama with shots of action sequences in between. Despite having little action so far, the focus of the first 2 episodes appears to be the development of the characters, specifically Masayoshi and Hidenori, and the friendship between the two. We are also introduced to other characters as well that play a role in each of these 2 characters’ lives, such as Masayoshi’s manager and Hidenori’s long distance girlfriend.

It’s also fun to see Masayoshi fight justice while in the Samurai Flamenco persona. What may seem like no big deal to others, Masayoshi enforces the law to its full extent, even going as far as telling an old woman to put her trash back in her house because she’s a few hours early for the trash pick-up. When the old lady refuses, she wakes up the next day to find that her trash has been brought back to her front door by yours truly. Although, it may seem like Masayoshi is trying to do the right thing, it gets annoying to see that he can’t hold his own when confronted. When running away seems like the logical thing to do, he somewhat gets delusional and envisions his childhood superhero telling him to stand up for himself. It may be uplifting, but then you realize Masayoshi has no fighting skills and you can’t help but wonder what will happen if he goes too far into his Samurai Flamenco persona. And that’s what I’m hoping to find out as the anime progresses!

I won’t spoil the story so far by talking about it too much, but the anime is bound to pick up in the next few episodes. What will happen when people start discovering the actions of Samurai Flamenco? What if someone gets so obsessed with Masayoshi’s alter ego that this person is prepared to do anything to reveal Samurai Flamenco’s true identity? Only time will tell in the future episodes! And trust me, after watching the first 2 episodes, you’ll want to find out, too!