Panda Review: Kuroko No Basket Season 3 Premiere

By: Von Jared Omo

Kuroko3I’m a fan of basketball. Wait. Let me re-phrase that. I’m a HUGE basketball fan. Hence, why Kuroko No Basket is getting much love today (Yes, I know the OG basketball anime SLAM DUNK is more of a fan favorite, but I’m enjoying Kuroko!). So, want to hear what I have to say about it’s Season 3 Premiere? OF COURSE, YOU DO!

Right off the bat, the episode begins with a quick flashback with the last basketball game between Seirin and Yosen High with the last scene depicting Kuroko blocking Atsushi Murasakibara (as seen above). The episode then transitions to what happens post-game with Seirin High being interviewed by interviewers who work for basketball magazine company.

Scene then switches to the Seirin Team walking down the hallway and Kuroko stops Taiga. As you may remember in last season, Kuroko was tasked by Taiga to throw away the ring and chain that symbolized the brotherhood between Taiga and Tatsuya Himuro, however, Kuroko gives Taiga the whole spiel about being able to be opponents and brothers at the same time which then causes Taiga to run like a chicken with its head cut off in search of Tatsuya.

The scene switches to outside the arena where Alex is talking to Tatsuya about losing the game to Taiga and Seirin. Just then, some douchebag by the name of Shogo Haizaki appears out of no where and begins to hit on Alex. Tatsuya, being the guy that he is, decides to step in and stop the nonsense and protect his former coach. Little does Tatsuya know that Shogo is a HUGE DOUCHEBAG and begins to initiate a street fight.

Kuroko3(1)Shogo (in red) giving a swift kick to Tatsuya.
Told you Shogo is a douche!

I’m not going to spoil the rest for you guys! So, if you want to know what happens during and after the fight scene, you’re going to have to watch it yourself! I’m excited to see how this season goes and if Seirin can take the Winter Cup!!

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