Panda Deal of the Week 12/1 – 12/7: Just Dance 2014, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Batman: Arkham Origins ON SALE on GROUPON!!

By: Von Jared Omo

I have friends who go on Groupon… A LOT. They search for the perfect deal for the perfect price. They search for deals on cruises, massages, or anything that involves getting pampered. As for me? Well, I go for the usual…electronics and video games. Anything and everything that can contribute to my ever growing collection! So, here’s some of the deals I found this week that is sure to tickle your pickle. SERIOUSLY. And yes, these deals can be found on Groupon! I bought my copy of BIOSHOCK INFINITE on Groupon last week for $25! It was a steal!

360 and PS3: $29.99 ($36 on AMAZON)

360 and PS3: $9.99 (WHOA! $18 for 360 and $20 for PS3 on AMAZON)

360 and PS3: $44.99 ($50 on AMAZON)
WiiU: $34.99 ($45 on AMAZON)

Batarang Wireless Controller for PS3: $19.99  ($21.99 on AMAZON)

GROUPON has more deals on some more games, but these were the one that I felt were more Buzzworthy. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Groupon right now and score these suckers for a steal!

Source: Groupon

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