By: Von Jared Omo

Oh…HAPPY DAY! Well, with the release of the PS4 upon us here in the west coast (that’s California I’m talking about), there’s been a batch of good news released on the Playstation Blog. According to them, a new UNCHARTED game is coming to the PS4! Isn’t that exciting?! (Nod and say “yes”).  And what’s even better is that they decided to accompany that little announcement with a little teaser trailer as well. Now, they claim the trailer is voiced by a “mysterious character” which only means they plan to keep this new project…mysterious? Hmm, well, if you’ve been a fan of Naughty Dog since the Crash Bandicoot days, then you shouldn’t be worried then, right? They seem to always up the ante with every game they release. Now, without further ado, feast your eyes and ears on the UNCHARTED PS4 teaser trailer below!

As for the new DLC for “The Last of Us” titled “Left Behind”, Playstation has also released a teaser trailer for it and guess who’s back? ELLIE! And yes, she will be playable throughout the  DLC and yes, Ashley Johnson will be doing the voice. It also seems like she’ll be accompanied by her best friend Riley (voiced by Yaani King), according to the Playstation Blog, and will take place prior to the events leading up to Ellie meeting with Joel. Well, here ya go! Enjoy!

I hope that these two announcements will get you all excited for the PS4 as well as comfort you in knowing that Sony still have a few gifts up their sleeves for those who still own a PS3, so don’t trade, throw, or sell that PS3 just yet!


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